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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

ChitChatMoms Episode #18

Here is Episode #18!

On this episode: Omaha podcasters meet-up recap. Tips and discussion on searching for childcare. Snowboarding in Colorado.

Thank you as always for listening. We appreciate you letting us be a part of your podcasting favorites! -Kelsey & Marie

Music from this episode can be found on The Podsafe Music Network. The song is "Good Friends" by The Whiskey River Band.


At 1:25 PM, Anonymous shawn said...

Hey ladies! I was also lucky in my childcare situation. I only needed someone to take care of Justin for 6 weeks, from mid-April to the end of May, because I knew I was going to take this year off. Unfortunately, most facilities want an enrollment fee, and I wasn't thrilled about putting out so much money for such a short amount of time. Well, the mother of one of my co-workers is a retired pediatric nurse. She lived in Texas, but had come to GA previously to take care of babies while the moms finished out the school year. My co-worker had actually spoken with Holly (the friend who adopted the baby last April), and she told me. Well, I went to my co-worker and asked if her mother would be willing to babysit J. So, I spoke with her mom and we decided that she would keep J for me. She was wonderful (kind of like a grandmother), and not too expensive! We still go visit her at least once a month, as she has now moved here with her daughter. Does the other listener know any other working moms in her neighborhood? Maybe they could give her some insight into good childcare possibilities.

At 6:03 PM, Blogger Steve-MLC said...

WHERE ARE YOU LADIES??? WE MISS OUR CHITCHATMOMS. oh crap my caps were on. sorrrrrry (mmmm champagne is very good)

At 6:05 PM, Blogger Steve-MLC said...

WE MISS OUR CHIT CHAT MOMS. oh crap, my caps were on. sorrrry.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Barely said...

Ok ladies, we need a new show here :)

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